Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main services and/or products my business offers?
Site Construction, land development, construction materials

Who is my target audience?
Larger General Contractors and other Site Contractors

What can potential customers accomplish while visiting my site?
Services provided, confidence in the strength of our company

Why should they do business with me?
Been in business for a long time, bonded, insured,

What sets me apart from the competition?
Provide a full and turnkey service for site construction and civil construction.



The City of La Feria is pleased to recommend Clore Construction Co. as the site work contractor for the City. The City had the pleasure of working with Clore Construction Co. recently and they had done an excellent job in completing the City of La Feria’s Wildlife and Nature Park project in a timely manner with superb quality.

Clore Construction Co. has always been cooperative and professional in addressing any and all construction issues.  We have heard about their excellent working relationship with the architects, engineers, suppliers, subcontractors and inspectors.

Due to Clore Construction Co.’s excellent workmanship and overall willingness to produce the highest quality of work, the City of La Feria will continue to call upon Clore Construction Co. to give us quotations on future projects.  Steve Brewer, Mayor of La Feria, Texas.

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